Secrets for getting the best airplane seat

There are a lot of daunting aspects that involve airline travel; the food or lack thereof, the extra charges and hidden fees, other annoying passengers, the cramped seats, not to mention the long lines and annoying security checks. Nowadays, most airlines have reduced the padding on the seats to make them thinner and less comfortable, and the legroom has reduced considerably as a way of adding more seats.  Most people assume that to get the perfect airline seat, you have to pay more, but this is not always the case.  There are some tips and guidelines that can help, and they are:

Understand what makes a good seat

The best seats on an airplane are the seats close to the front of the plane, window seats, as well as exit and aisle seats.  Seats located at the front are ideal because they allow you to debark effortlessly on arrival.  If you are traveling long distances, a window seat may be best because it allows you prop your head while sleeping while nervous fliers might prefer something closer to the wing, where less turbulence is experienced.  Exit rows offer more leg room while bulkhead seats, which are the seats situated directly behind the curtains, walls or screen offer more space because they separate the various classes of the plane. Such seats are perfect if you are traveling with children.

Consider joining a frequent flyer program

This is by far the most common tactic that you can use to get the best seat. Supplying your frequent flier number while reserving a seat can help you book a better seat especially if you are a loyal customer.

Get your tickets early

The number of pre-assigned seats reduces as the travel date gets closer. You should try to purchase your ticket early so that you can enjoy the option to select the most favorable seats.  If you cannot check online, ensure that you arrive early at the airport if your airline does not have an online check-in system.

Take advantage of your miles

If you are an avid traveler that has accumulated miles, you can spend them on upgrades. Routes that are on sale allow you to squeeze a deal out of your miles when you pay for the fare then utilize your mile points to upgrade to a better class. This will on average spare you baggage fees and offer you complimentary meals. Allow your miles to accumulate so that you can take advantage of them you need them the most.

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